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Kalendar evenata za Listopad 2017.

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2. MAD Conference

VRIJEME: 09:00
LOKACIJA: Hypo Expo XXI, Slavonska avenija 6, Zagreb
VRSTA: javni event

At ClickAttack we are well aware of the continuous ascent of mobile advertising – facts as figures are backing it up. Predictions that mobile advertising will hit over $41 billion in 2017, combined with the fact that the number of mobile devices and the time users spend on them is exponentially increasing, paint an image of a future that simply cannot be ignored. This is the big picture we want regional advertisers and publishers to see. We want to show them the immense potential of mobile to drive the increase of mobile advertising in SEE region.

That’s why we are organizing the MAD conference for the second year in a row. We want to introduce global trends to local marketing experts by presenting case studies and winning strategies from the leading markets, and illustrate the potential of mobile advertising by doing so.

Our ultimate goal is to help create a live and vibrant mobile advertising market in this region.

Last year’s conference was attended by relevant players in regional marketing: those that manage marketing budgets. We have welcomed marketing managers from major companies and brands, heads of digital in regional marketing agencies and other regional influencers.

This year’s MAD conference will be bigger and better. Be sure not to miss it! You can already buy your ticket and reserve your place at the forefront of regional mobile scene.

MAD conference is organized by ClickAttack and OMD.

Who attended MAD conference 2014?
The conference was visited by attendees from Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. 33% of the visitors came from advertising agencies. Next were representatives of regional brands (33%), media (22%). Finally, 7% of the visitors came from the technology industry.


Kalendar evenata za Listopad 2017.

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