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CECIIS - 2012 (FOI Varaždin)

VRIJEME: 10:00
LOKACIJA: FOI, Pavlinska 2, Varaždin
VRSTA: javni event
Trajanje: od 19.09.2012 do 21.09.2012

Central European Conference on Information and Intelligent Systems CECIIS 2012
The Faculty of Organization and Informatics (FOI) has been organizing its international conference since 1989, with an exception of 1991, when the war prevented it from taking place. Today’s Conference began as a symposium, first held between 19th and 23rd December 1989, under the title Information Systems in Office Operations. The participants presented 40 papers in the field of design and development of information and intelligence systems, and information society training. Over the years subsequent changes in the name of the symposium followed the shifts in the Faculty’s orientation and the trends in the development of information and communication technology. A significant point in that respect was 1998, when the symposium grew into a conference named Information and Intelligent Systems (IIS). The Conference was to continue to be held under that name for a decade. In 2008, in order to reflect the regional importance of the conference in the field of information science, it was renamed as the Central European Conference on Information and Intelligent Systems (CECIIS), which is the name it currently carries.

The aim of the Conference is to promote the interface of researchers involved in the development and application of methods and techniques in the field of information and intelligent systems. The scientific program includes invited lectures by eminent international experts, contributed papers, as well as events such as poster presentation, workshops, roundtable discussions, hardware and software presentations and book exhibitions. The official language of the Conference is English.

The Conference provides its participants with the opportunity to present their papers to conference audiences. Even more importantly, authors can publish their original research papers in the Conference Proceedings. Since 2000, a selection of papers, each of which is reviewed by two international reviewers, have been published in The Journal of Information and Organizational Sciences (JIOS), a scientific journal published twice a year (as a double volume). It is worthwhile mentioning that, as of 2010, JIOS has been included into Scopus and EBSCO databases.

Every participant can write a paper in the area of their main interest. There are eight basic topics that participants can choose from, in accordance with which eights sections in which the papers are presented are formed. These are as follows:
- Data and Knowledge Bases
- Education for Information Society
- Information and Communication Technologies
- Information Systems Security
- Intelligent Information Systems
- Intelligent Transport Systems
- Software Engineering, and
- Student papers, which are presented in respective sections.

Every year, there is a different special Conference theme that aims to reflect the global trends in the field. The 2011 Conference will thus invite participants to examine the many facets of ‘Knowledge Society and Social Networking’.

Since the Conference brings together authors from different parts of Croatia and abroad, it also has an important role in promoting the city and the region. The organizers therefore do their best to acquaint the participants with the opportunities to enjoy the cultural and historical heritage of Varazdin and the surrounding area during their stay, especially through additional social events, the most attractive of which is the excursion with a gala dinner party.


Kalendar evenata za Srpanj 2022.

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