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Kalendar evenata za Listopad 2017.

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DataFocus 2016

VRIJEME: 09:00
LOKACIJA: Hotel Sheraton, Kneza Borne 2, Zagreb
VRSTA: javni event

It is our great pleasure to announce 5th edition of DataFocus. On 5th of April 2016 we will gather lawyers, prosecutors, judges, police investigators and digital forensic experts to exchange their experiences and to learn new trends in fight against high tech crime. As every year, more than 200 experts from more than 20 countries around the world will visit DataFocus 2016 to attend lectures divided in legal, investigator and technical tracks. Also, attendees will have an opportunity to talk to major world’s vendors of digital forensic tools.

The Conference is free of charge for all participants and attendance at the conference is possible solely with prior registration based on organizers invitation. To register clik HERE.

DataFocus 2016
Tuesday, April 05th 2016
Hotel Sheraton Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia


Kalendar evenata za Listopad 2017.

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