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Forensic Audit and Risk Management 2017 (International Conference)

VRIJEME: 09:00
LOKACIJA: Hotel Mona (Mount Zlatibor) Miladina Pećinara 26, Zlatibor, Srbija
VRSTA: javni event
Trajanje: od 06.12.2017 do 08.12.2017

December 06th, 07th and 08th 2017.
This Conference is the opportunity for experts, businessmen and wider public to gain insights with current situtation and perspectives for all areas that are included in the Conference programme. This year we will give special attention to regional digital forensics and IT security, with special regard for global connection concept.

Conference goals:
- To provide participants introduction to relevant, practical and economic tools to indentify and quantify real fraud and corruption risks within their organisations;
- To help participants develop programmes for active fraud and corruption detection, relevant for organisations they work in; and
- To help provide participants undestanding the importance of training their entire staff to combat fraud and corruption.

Conference Location and registration directly to hotel contacts,
Hotel Mona – Mount Zlatibor
Miladina Pećinara 26, 31315 Zlatibor
tel: +381 31/ 841-021
Email: hotel@monazlatibor.com
Financial Audit  – Day 1
Internal Audit
Financial and Forensic Audit
Forensic Accounting
Potential Perpetrator Profiles
Criminal Act Perpetrators
Criminal Case Diversification
Fraud Prevention and Detection in Automatised World
Finacial Forensic Tools
Money Laundering and Financial Reports
Insight in Domestic and International Experiences
Risk Management - Day 2
Risks in the Banking World
Critical Infrastructure Management
Financial Management and Control
Cryptocurrencies – Day 2
Money Laundering
Terrorism Finansing
Investment Potential
Day 3 - ISO 37001 Anti-bribery management systems


Kalendar evenata za Listopad 2019.

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