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Kalendar evenata za Lipanj 2021.

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IDC Big Data and Business Analytics Forum 2013

VRIJEME: 09:00
LOKACIJA: Hotel Antunović, Zagrebačka Avenija 100a, Zagreb
VRSTA: javni event

Big Data sounds like another buzzword, but it does hold significant business potential. It goes hand-in-hand with cloud adoption as it can use the cloud’s flexibility and virtually unlimited computing resources. For companies that prefer to keep all their data under their own roof, the vendors offer a wide variety of high-performance servers, storage, and dedicated analytic and database appliances that can help handle huge amounts of data and information sets.

"Big Data is big! It is a theme that has jumped to center stage in the IT world,” says IDC’s Research Director Thomas Vavra. “You can no longer pick up a publication about IT without seeing the term everywhere. It's easy to see why many would want to dismiss this development as nothing more than a lot of hype and marketing. Do so at your own peril. The foundations for the discussion around Big Data are simple and undeniable: We are going to keep producing more data at greater velocities. We can either ignore it, quarantine it, save it "just because", or try and make use of it. Big Data is a new reality, brought about by changing IT landscapes, devices, and all the data they generate. As such, it is the beginning of a new dialogue between IT providers and end users to address that reality.”
Keynote Speaker

Youtube video
    Big Data explained: Definition, Challenges and Opportunities
    Big Data and cloud – marriage or business partnership?
    How Big Data will affect the way your organisation functions?
    Business Analytics turbocharged – Big Data enterprise usage
    Advanced analytics in Big Data environment
    What does this mean for the IT professionals?

    COOs, CFOs
    Head of IT/ IT Directors
    Business Intelligence Managers, Data Warehouse Managers, Data Managers
    IT Managers, Information Managers, Storage Architects
    Business Development Managers,
    Project Managers
    Other C-Level Executives

Racunalo.com portal je medijski pokrovitelj ovog eventa. Za više informacija o Big Data and Business Analytics Forum 2013 kontaktirajte: Anu Papež putem email adrese : apapez@idc.com ili telefona : +385 1 3040 057, ili kliknite na ovaj link.


Kalendar evenata za Lipanj 2021.

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