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Kalendar evenata za Veljača 2023.

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IDC Cloud Leadership, Enterprise Mobility and Social Media Forum 2013

VRIJEME: 09:00
LOKACIJA: Hotel Antunović, Zagrebačka Avenija 100a, Zagreb
VRSTA: javni event
Održava se od 09:00 do 14:30

The cloud adoption in CEE is approaching a turning point. Innovative companies and CIOs are embracing the cloud in an increasing number, challenging the “wait and see” approach of their competitors.

After several years of investments in the development of the cloud by service providers, the cloud has moved beyond the hype in CEE and has become a viable option for enhancing business agility, efficiency and driving innovation in enterprise IT. Perception around the advantages and risks of the cloud are also shifting. The business value is rapidly gaining credit through the best practices provided by the increasing number of CEE implementations while traditional concerns around security and control are becoming less prevalent.

No surprise, that the outlook of the cloud market remains outstandingly positive, representing the most dynamic segment of ICT market in CEE with an average growth rate of more than 50% for the next years. However, the growth will vary among cloud service types, depending on the resonation of the service with the specifics of the CEE market. IDC expects the most dynamic uptake in virtual private cloud, as it best addresses the need of customers for control and security, while delivering the advantage of the lower costs of the public cloud infrastructure.

The IDC Cloud Leadership Forum will provide you with insight in the ultimate cloud trends and the most recent experience of enterprise cloud users through a host of industry expert, vendor and case study presentations, roundtable discussions and coffee break talks.

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Key Topics
    Beyond the Hype: The Big Picture of Cloud Computing
    The cloud as the foundation of the next generation IT
    Measuring ROI: Cloud Computing, Efficiency, and Sustainability
    What would suite you best? – The Private, Public, and Hybrid Cloud Models
    Cloud Compliance Challenges and Solutions
    Cloud Security Concerns: Vendor Solutions and Customer Experience
    Private cloud: the life after virtualization
    Infrastructure Trends in the Cloud
    Cloud-Based Applications
    Is cloud diminishing or transforming the role of the CIO?
    How to get the green-light for cloud form teh business decision makers?

Who Will Attend
    CIOs IT Directors
    IT Managers and Heads of Departments
    Facility & Operation Managers
    IT Infrastructure Managers
    Network Administrators
    Purchase Managers 

Representatives from the following industries:
    Medical & Healthcare
    Banking & Finance
    Energy & Utilities
    Government bodies and Associations
    Manufacturing , Wholesale & Retail Trading
    Telecommunications & Media
    Business Services


Kalendar evenata za Veljača 2023.

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