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IDC Security Roadshow 2017 (Zagreb)

VRIJEME: 09:00
LOKACIJA: Hotel DoubleTree by Hilton, Ulica Grada Vukovara 269A, Zagreb
VRSTA: partnerski event


The modern challenge for information security is the duality of its tasks: How to improve security posture and resource efficiency at the same time? Should legacy systems be protected at the cost of new security technology adoption? What are the boundaries of security responsibility between the company and its service provider? What is the impact of legislation and regulations on the organization’s security? Such management-level challenges are reflected in technological challenges: protection of an ever-increasing number of mobile devices, data leak protection in the age of cloud, and security of big data, to name a few. The IDC Security Roadshow 2017 will discuss these and many other of today's and tomorrow's security challenges.

Key Themes of IDC Security Roadshow 2017
- Endpoint Defence
- Identity As Perimeter
- Data-Centric Security

Drill-Down Subjects
-    Regulatory Update: brief on latest developments, what attendees need to know; (what about non EU?)
-    Looking After Legacy: guidance on how to budget, transition, plan etc.;
-    Securing the 3rd Platform: spotlight on emerging solutions; (kind of an InfoSec roundup with-out namedropping)
-    The Employee Conundrum: a risk and an asset; insider threat statistics; how to instill a security culture; super-user security; and skills shortage…;
-    Overview of Security Services – fastest-growing segment, what is being adopted, what can/should be outsourced, how can MSPs save your neck, etc.;
-    Communicating security to C-level, LoB managers;
-    Importance of incidence response (plan, exercises, communication);
-    Security requirements as part of Service Provider agreements;
-    Security Automation & Analytics;


Kalendar evenata za Listopad 2018.

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