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Kalendar evenata za Veljača 2023.

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IDC/IBM The New Normal Embracing the Digital Transformation

VRIJEME: 10:00
LOKACIJA: Lido, Jarun bb, Zagreb
VRSTA: partnerski event
Održava se od 10:00 do 13:30

Business leaders are under tremendous pressure from more and more digital customers and from the disruptive competitive environment to embrace the digital transformation of their processes, business models, products, and services. Bold strategies for integrating digital innovation lead to new revenue streams and sources of efficiency, refreshed value propositions for customers, and improved customer experience management. The early embracers of digital transformation are already building a new era of digital business on the foundations of cloud computing, mobility, advanced analytics, and big data — all of which must, of course, be coupled with next-generation security. For the next wave of adopters, the challenge will be deciding how fast, how deep, for which business areas, and with what technology they want to go in order to keep pace with a new level of competition.

IDC calls the new set of emerging digital solutions “the 3rd Platform”, as it is built on the pillars of mobile computing, cloud services, big data and analytics, and social networking. These emerging ICT tools enable growth and innovation that can generate a new portfolio of capabilities. Agility, flexibility, efficiency, and responsiveness to fast-changing customer requirements are some key benefits for those that migrate their businesses processes to the 3rd Platform. The goal of today’s CIO is therefore two-fold: generate business value through technological innovation, while managing a seamless transformation of the organization’s underlying IT solutions and infrastructure.

The industry is entering the most critical period yet in the era of digital transformation: the innovation stage. Over the next several years, we expect to see an explosion of innovation and value creation on top of the 3rd Platform's foundation. This stage will be driven by a new wave of core technologies — “Innovation Accelerators” — that radically extend the 3rd Platform's capabilities and applications across all industries. IDC predicts that, in 2015, the spending on emerging technologies (mobility, cloud, big data/analytics, and social business) will account for one third of global IT spending and for 100% of IT spending growth.

IDC invites you to join our Executive Meeting, organized in partnership with IBM, and benefit from the opportunity to discuss digital transformation models, management of ensuing issues, and resultant innovation with experts, industry leaders, and fellow CIOs. This half-day gathering will provide greater insight into digital transformation and the relevancy of 3rd-Platform tools in your industry. Come and learn what lies ahead in the journey to the new digital era.


Kalendar evenata za Veljača 2023.

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