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Kalendar evenata za Listopad 2021.

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Infobip - 2. Stack Overflow Worldwide Meetup Day

VRIJEME: 09:00
LOKACIJA: Infobip, Zadarska 80, Zagreb
VRSTA: javni event

Infobip - informatička tvrtka sa sjedištem u Puli i jedan od najvećih hrvatskih izvoznika telekomunikacijskih ICT rješenja, domaćin je Stack Overflow world wide meetinga u Hrvatskoj.

Stack Overflow je trenutno najpopularnija “question & answer” stranica za programere svih vrsta,a ova hrvatska poslovna tvrtka organizira drugo po redu druženje za programere i fanove Stack Overflowa, 28.05.2012. u zagrebačkom uredu Infobipa (Zadarska 80, Zagreb – Knežija).

Prošlogodišnji Stack Overflow Meetup okupio je preko 2,000 ljudi diljem svijeta, a ove godine se nadaju duplo većoj brojci od ove.


We've declared April 28, 2012 as the second annual Stack Overflow Meetup Day! Last year over 2,000 of you got involved. It was amazing! This year, we're calling on the entire Stack Exchange tech community* to double that number. We're reaching out to every hacker, programmer and designer in the Stack Exchange family to join their local Stack Overflow Meetup on April 28th.

All you have to do is RSVP and maybe leave a suggestion for where people in your town can meetup. Consider bringing your favorite project to share and get help with, hire a speaker, or have your members do Ignite-style talks where anyone gets a maximum of five minutes to present. No matter what you plan to do, be sure to spread the word! And take photos at your Meetup; we'll be featuring some of our favorite Meetup photos on the Stack Exchange blog.

Note: If your city or town has a group that's interested in meeting but can't do it on a Saturday, please feel free to host an SO Meetup anytime the preceding week. We chose a Saturday based on feedback from last year's attendees, but some people may prefer an after-work meetup, and that's perfectly fine!

And as a last little incentive... The top five Meetups with the most RSVPs and a venue picked out by April 9 will receive a little extra something from us at Stack Exchange HQ.

*Since our network has more than doubled in size during the past year, we're inviting not only Stack Overflow users, but also members of Super User, Server Fault, Programmers, Ask Ubuntu, Unix & Linux, Wordpress, Sharepoint, Game Development, Drupal Answers, DBA, Webmasters, IT Security, SQA, Cryptography, and Code Review! If you're a hacker or programmer of any type who uses one of our tech-related SE sites, please join us.


Kalendar evenata za Listopad 2021.

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