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Kalendar evenata za Listopad 2019.

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LEAP Women Summit

VRIJEME: 09:00
LOKACIJA: Algebra, Ilica 242 (ulaz iz Domboranske), Zagreb
VRSTA: javni event
Trajanje: od 14.12.2018 do 15.12.2018

Raise your hand if you know at least one woman who rocks her professional and private life. Even better, raise your hand if you are (or want to be) that woman. We need you to tell your story, the story about how you run your worlds.
It’s time to put all women entrepreneurs, leaders and role models from various communities in the spotlight and combine their worlds together in LEAP Women Summit, the conference dedicated to…you guess – women.

Join us if you:
✔ are planning to network and learn from women entrepreneurs and leaders
✔ want some inspiration and a bit of girl power
✔ are interested in engaging in workshops or need a mentor
✔ want to find more information on how to start your own enterprise
✔ are planning to end this year in style and get a fresh start


Kalendar evenata za Listopad 2019.

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