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Kalendar evenata za Rujan 2021.

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Oracle Security Inside Out (Oracle Security Solutions)

VRIJEME: 09:00
LOKACIJA: Hotel Sheraton, Kneza Borne 2, Zagreb
VRSTA: javni event
Održava se od 09:00 do 13:00

Organizations should have a clear strategy and action plan to address the GDPR requirements by the May 25, 2018 due date.
Oracle would like to invite you to our event on October 12, 2017 in Sheraton Zagreb Hotel, Ul. kneza Borne 2, 10000, Zagreb to explain how Oracle solutions can be used to implement controls that help address GDPR regulations.

9:00 Registration

9:30 Welcome notes - Marin Tadić, Oracle Croatia Country Leader and Adriatic Cluster Leader

9:40 GDPR - What, How and Why
Danko Pigac, Business Development Manager, Pragmatekh Ltd.
Presentation will shortly introduce the GDPR, explain the main aspects relevant to businesses, show GDPR implementation methodology and describe the main challenges and business opportunities arising from GDPR implementation.

10:10 The role of Croatian Data Protection Authority in the process of EU General Data Protection Regulation application (GDPR) implementation
Patricio Marcos Petrić, Croatian Personal Data Protection Agency/Agencija za zaštitu osobnih podataka AZOP
Presentation will describe the new role of DPA under the GDPR and point out some of the main aspects of „Why GDPR” and „How GDPR supervision will be performed”.

10:40 Consent Management Solution for GDPR Compliance
Zoran Vujčić, Director, Multicom
Oracle partner Multicom will present how to implement efficient, centralized solution for consent management and GDPR subject requests in accordance with EU regulation and with minimal impact on existing business processes and IT systems.

11:10 Coffee break

11:40 Develop GDPR Compliance on the Architecture Level
Gusztáv Szuhai, Security Solutions Sales Manager, Oracle CEE
GDPR compliance generates various tasks, e.g. to review and align business processes – which is mostly embedded in the applications. However, there are available solutions on the architecture level that may mean a huge step forward compliance and are easier to implement and continuously maintain. The presentation will focus on data protection and governance in the architecture, within an Oracle environment.

12:10 GDPR and Data Governance
Tomáš Vávra, Regional Sales Manager for Oracle Integration Platform, Oracle
Each organization handles a large amount of data. A major challenge for any organization is to create an inventory all the personal information across the enterprise and creating a single customer view. With Oracle Integration tools we are able to help you with identification and processing sensitive and personal data. Using Oracle integration tools, we'll show you how to simplify the process of identifying and processing personal data in your organization.

12:40 Discussion

Kalendar evenata za Rujan 2021.

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