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Kalendar evenata za Studeni 2019.

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VeeamON Tour 2018

VRIJEME: 09:30
LOKACIJA: Hotel Antunović, Zagrebačka Avenija 100a, Zagreb
VRSTA: partnerski event
Održava se od 09:30 do 16:30

Every year, VeeamON Tour brings the best of VeeamON to numerous cities across Europe. This year promises to be the start of a new stage — the era of Hyper-Availability — a new state of intelligence for a world where it’s not enough to only collect, store and protect data. It is crucial for every business to manage data intelligently.

Book your seat at VeeamON Tour to explore the influences and the latest trends in Digital Transformation, including:
-    Live discussions with subject-matter experts about the hyper-criticality , hyper-growth and hyper-sprawl of data
-    Technical sessions to explore the innovative technology that can take your business to Hyper-Availability
-    Other learning and networking opportunities for you to activate the Hyper-Available future!
-    And more!

Seats are limited, so claim your FREE seat today!


Kalendar evenata za Studeni 2019.

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